Mike Barnato

How to Thrive in Turbulent Times by connecting Focus, Action & Mindset

Facilitator, Mentor, Story Teller

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Mike helps organisations & individuals thrive (not survive or dive). He offers stories &  inspiration, tools & experience to engage focus, action & mind-set.

Mike addresses critical challenges in strategy, leadership & transformation, through: 1. Facilitation. 2. Mentoring. 3. Story Telling

His mantra are: For work: Leverage, Lead & Learn.   For life: Live, Love, Laugh & Legacy.

*1. Facilitating: Reaching agreement on solutions & actions

Mike facilitates groups to bring different ideas, approaches and cultures into the open and then to reach common agreement on the next steps.

Coverage has included: Structure, Leadership, Strategy, De-risking initiatives, Conflict.

The scope can cover all, or some of these stages:

  • Diagnosis: Pre-views & initial research.
  • Design: Agenda, roles & materials.
  • Delivery: Ensuring all voices are heard & maintaining momentum.
  • Post event: Capturing outputs and actions; sometimes making recommendations.

Please contact him on mike@barnato.com for an initial discussion.

*2. Mentoring: Developing capability, confidence & capacity to change

Mike combines support, tools & challenge to help CEOS, founders, partners, senior executives and their teams to:

  • Improve leadership, strategy & transformation;
  • Improve capabilities, careers & choices; and
  • Make awesome presentations.

The scope covers strategic and tactical matters and mentoring & coaching.

He works face to face or using Skype, supplemented by messaging.

Please contact him on mike@barnato.com for an initial discussion.

*3. Story Telling to inspire, support & entertain

Mike blends Stories/anecdotes, Practical tips, Inspiration & Humour. He has also been known to do a handstand or the lotus pose.

Speeches are tailored and last from five minutes to one hour. Mike also MCs/comperes.

Mike’s theme is how to #ThriveInTurbulentTimes, for individuals & organisations.

3A. How to Thrive In Turbulent times  – Life & Personal Success

Mike had oesophagus cancer (40% survival rate) and is now active in fitness, yoga and #MindfulMartialArts. He speaks inspirationally about positivity, balance, growth mind-set and staying safe.

3B. How to Thrive In Turbulent times – Organisational Success

Mike is an economist and barrister; completed 200 consulting projects, had 22 interim leadership roles, mentored many CEOs and was the most recommended in London. He has worked in private, public & social sectors. He speaks about how to blend focus, action,  mindset and deal with contemporary business challenges.

Please contact him on mike@barnato.com to discuss your needs, audience, duration, style.

Recent speeches are:

Life & Personal Success

The Hospital Pass (How a critical illness changed his life.)

Be. Positive (Two keys to thriving in turbulent times.)

Legacy, learning & Laughter (Three keys to happiness.)

Sexism in the City (How a woman overcame harassment.)

Learnings from the Lotus (How tiny tweaks can lead to total transformation.)

How not become a victim of violence (Why “fight or flight” is unrealistic.)

Two strategies to keep you safe (How to be aware and avoid problems.)

Early learnings from martial arts (A journey of self-awareness.)

Overcoming fear of public speaking (Workshop with six simple tools.)

Organisational Success

How to combine focus and action (Aligning mind & body; strategy & tactic.s)

Three tools to help you focus (Improving choice, concentration, and communication.)

How to take action (Finding your path, practicing for real; escaping comfort zone.)

The G.A.M.E. Changer (Impact of Gender And Marriage Ending.)

Man on a Mission (Trials & tribulations of running a faith based charity.)

Age Is Just A Number (Business impacts of an aging diverse population)

Worcester Warrior or Worrier? (A case study of a life changing de-merger project.)

The Seven “Fs” (Ingredients of a successful faith based organisation.)






Written by Mike Barnato

February 9, 2015 at 4:28 pm

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