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Management Consulting & Story Telling

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I specialise in growth & renewal for organisations and individuals.

How to thrive, not just survive, & certainly not dive by:

  • Sharpening focus, action, motivation & energy (FAME);
  • Dealing with contemporary challenges; and
  • Developing positivity, awareness & a growth mind-set.

I use principles from management and #MindfulMartialArts to sharpen performance. The results show in better growth, efficiency, morale & service.

Management consulting

I mentor/coach individuals including business founders, senior executives, CEOs. Typically 121 face to face or using Skype, supplemented by emails. The scope can cover strategic matters, like leadership, marketing, priorities and tactical stuff, like conflict, projects & management skills. I also help create awesome presentations. My experience covers 35 clients from small sports businesses to large complex organisations in public, private & not for profits. Please contact me on mike@barnato.com for an initial free, no obligation, discussion.

I advise organisations on strategy, change, projects & leadership. This can be strategic, like risk, stakeholders, structures or tactical, like action, monitoring, problem projects. I have advised over 100 organisations and acted as interim manager responsible for implementation in a further 22 organisations and led programmes over all stages from start to finish. Previously I was the most recommended consultant in London. Please contact me on mike@barnato.com for an initial free, no obligation, discussion. In complex cases, we carry out a 7-10 days diagnostics and produce a project initiation document.


I speak on business & personal success; contemporary challenges like sexism, diversity, violence and overcoming obstacles and the power of positivity. I aim for memorable stories from my own experience, simple original tips & tools to transfer skills, and entertainment & engagement using humour and demos.

My experience is as business strategist, economist, leading management consultant, martial artist practitioner & prize winning speaker and dealing with oesophagus cancer.

Please contact me on mike@barnato.com to discuss your needs, including audience, duration, style.

#grow #renew #BeMore #StaySafe #Inspire

Connect & Share

Tools & tips at  https://twitter.com/MikeBarnato

Profile  at https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikebarnato

Martial arts videos, search “Boardroom Martial Artist”

Otherwise, please search “Mike Barnato”

Written by Mike Barnato

February 9, 2015 at 4:28 pm

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