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I mentor/coach, advise & speak to help Sharpen YOUR Focus.

I link management, mindfulness and martial arts to provide new ideas that add value.

Focus is about Scorecard, Simplifying & Playing to Strengths and doing things differently.

Poor Focus causes waste and typical symptoms are overload, firefighting, sameness and missed opportunities.

Sharpening is about Practice & progression, Positivity & Path and doing things better.

Lack of Sharpening causes paralysis, negativity, exhaustion and reflects poor action, motivation & energy.


I mentor/coach on four topics:

*Strategic matters like long term plans, priorities & leadership style, branding & marketing;

* Tactical matters like business performance, managing conflict and teams, improving projects, management skills;

* Individual careers and choices and personal development;

* Creating & delivering awesome presentations.

It involves 121 working, face-to-face or via Skype, from once per month up to twice per week. This is supplemented with email and other messaging as needed.

I have developed an original approach – THRIVES, that draws on good practice and listen & learn, motivate & energise & share tips, tools & traps from hands-on experience.

I have mentored/coached 35 clients. They include young business founders, senior executives, teams and CEOs with 10-1800 staff, recruited staff. I have also been an interim HR Director and advised on performance.

I advise & assure projects and initiatives.

My aim to help de-risk them, manage conflict and ensure they succeed.

The scope can be:

*Strategic such as risk, structures, stakeholders; and

*Tactical like effective action, managing silos, monitoring..

My style is collaborative & constructive and geared to action.

I borrow the best bits from several methodologies, rather than rely on one.

I have experience of all stage of projects and programmes, from start to finish and worked on over 100 projects, including some very high profile examples. I have also held positions such a interim Director of Delivery and Change Programmes.

I speak to entertain, motivate, inspire and challenge.

I use compelling stories and data, tips & tools, engagement & entertainment.

I speak on:

Success Stories

How to combine focus & action. Three simple tools for focus. How to make action happen.

I draw on experience in business, management, consultancy, interim manager.

Overcoming Obstacles

B. Positive.The Power of Positivity. Early learnings from Martial arts. The hospital pass.

I draw on experience of leadership & overcoming obstacles including cancer and sports injuries.

Staying Safe

How not to be a victim of violence. Strategies to keep you safe. Sexism.

I draw on experience as a lawyer, magistrate and martial artist.

I have experience of prizewinning speeches and numerous business presentations.


Connect & Share

Tools & tips at  https://twitter.com/MikeBarnato

Profile  at https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikebarnato

Martial arts videos, search “Boardroom Martial Artist”

Otherwise, please search “Mike Barnato”

Written by Mike Barnato

February 9, 2015 at 4:28 pm

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